Back Home Initiative Program

Are you looking for a way to maximize the income potential of your property and offer affordable housing for low-income households?  If you are an El Monte homeowner and have sufficient space to add additional living space to your property, adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property may be the answer. 

Since February 2020, the City of El Monte has amended its municipal code to promote the development of ADUs.  To incentivize the construction of ADUs to address the growing concerns related to the short supply of affordable housing throughout the City of El Monte, the City is considering its participation in the Back Home Initiative (BHI).    

The BHI Program provides supportive housing to college students and their families who struggle to maintain housing as they work toward a better future. Interested El Monte homeowners will be provided an ADU in return for a 10-year commitment to provide housing to eligible BHI clients. Other incentives provided free of charge include: 

  1. ADU construction and maintenance;
  2. Support services for tenants and homeowners; and
  3. Monthly stipend for homeowner’s participation throughout the duration of the program.

For additional information please contact the City of El Monte’s Housing Division at (626) 580-2070 or at


The purpose of this form is to gather the level of interest in the BHI Program. By completing this interest form, the homeowner is not obligated to participate in the BHI Program.  This is not a formal commitment.